Adding prioritity for users

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Adding prioritity for users

Post by MrZoidberg » 2003-01-17 06:26

One thing that I would like to see in DC++ is the ability to
set priority to users. What I mean is when I get in to a user
that has rare files that I want and hardly ever any slots open,
I set his priority to "high" and when i get in, DC uses all possible
bandwidth for getting his files and the rest of the bandwidth
is used for the "default" priority downloads.

Basically if a high priority user can send at 600kb/s and you are
using all your bandwidth, then all your other downloads slow down
in favour of the high priority user, so you download att 600kb/s
from him.

hmmm I hope I made myself clear with this :)
I could not find this requested in the tracker so.....
I hope you give it some thought, I would REALLY love this feature

thanks a lot for the BEST program in the world....

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Post by joazito » 2003-01-18 05:24

Hehe I don't have a clue if this can be implemented ... but it would definitively be nice. Damn those cable bandwitdh restritions...

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Post by Iceman[grrrr] » 2003-01-18 09:19

again we have the trouble to find what is your max download bandwith...
and the max upload bandwithof the one you are connected... otherwise, you could slow down a download thinking the other one will go faster but if he is at max upload, you will lose total bandwith!
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