Hard drive Caching Feature request

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Hard drive Caching Feature request

Post by Lope777 » 2007-01-14 13:44

I apologise for the use of the word rape here. I have been hanging out with a bunch of gamers for the whole weekend :)

DC++ Is very cool, but it rapes my HDD so badly.
(Version 0.698)
The environment was a 100Mbit Lan with a gigabit backbone connecting all the switches, with 100 people on a hub. I dont know the Hub version unfortunately. The organisers said it was a new version/good etc.

This is after finishing hashing all my shared files. With one or 2 downloads running at 1~3MB/s total download rate. At first I had 170GB shared, then I reduced it to 20GB. Either way, my DC++ raped my hard drive and I could not use my PC much. CPU usage not a problem 7~22% usually. 800MB RAM free. My HDD is a 7200 320GB Seagate Barracuda. While DC++ was running, my HDD light would be on pretty much constantly. I have no hardware problems, this has not happened with other programs.

I read something in another post about making sure auto share refresh being off. I could not find any option like this in the DC++ Settings.

Another major problem which occured, was any time a particular user joined the hub, DC++ connected to him in attempt to resume downloading folders in my download queue. Then DC++ would TTH every file I had in that queue, and eventually, DC++ would freeze up.
I discovered that he was running a very old version, I cant remember the exact number but it was 0.5xx.
This was very annoying and I could not find a way to fix it. I had to keep an eye on DC++ and click on his name and click Disconnect each time to stop it from TTHing all the queued stuff all over again.
(Sorry about that being a bit verbose)

I know that a fair number of users were using old clients.

Bitcomet's Hard drive cache works very nicely.
Obviously I dont know exactly what DC++ is doing while its raping my hard drive. What I do know is that it is un-necessary.

A bug which occured aswell, was after I closed DC++, I noticed my PC still being sluggish and my hard drive light still on almost constantly. I pressed CTRL ALT DEL and saw DC++ still running in processes. When I killed it, the HDD rapage ceased.

Some people at the LAN said they preferred strong DC. We had Strong DC 2.02 at the LAN. I tried it out, but it would freeze completely for a few minutes at a time.

I just checked the Strong DC website, and they have a new release, 2.03. And after reading whats changed it sounds like they have fixed loads of bugs and probably memory leaks etc.

Strong DC 2.02 also raped my HDD btw.

Another feature request besides the HDD Caching/HDD Rape bug fix. Is for DC++ to move finished downloaded folders to a seperate location. I know DC++ does this with individual files, but it should do it with entire folders IMHO.

Thank you very much for the awesome program. and I hope these issues get resolved.

One more thing... Some other people at the LAN I spoke to did not have a problem with DC++ raping their PCs because they had multiple hard drives. So DC++ would rape their secondary HDD, and their primary drive was not inundated with requests, and could function normally.

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Post by ullner » 2007-01-15 17:36

First of all, there is no 0.5 series of DC++.

Second, what does the following mean?
Then DC++ would TTH every file I had in that queue
click Disconnect each time to stop it from TTHing all the queued stuff all over again.
They don't make any sense. Do you mean that a "TTH download" appear for each file in the queue? Or what?

Lastly, have you run any diagnostics on your drive to make sure it's not failing?