lock to key

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lock to key

Post by TheShark » 2007-01-05 20:14

Hi all!!
I'm writing a dc++ client on linux using c language.
I have problems with the key.
I used the sources that I found on http://www.dcpp.net/wiki/index.php/LockToKey but my keys are acepted only by verlihub.
I take,for example, from the server the string $Lock vuhweuhggegergweoduhd Pk=pksjswijdvh| and I give to the function only vuhweuhggegergweoduhd .
The function gives me a string(for example stringfromfunction)and i send back to the server $Key stringfromfunction| but the server say that my key is wrong.
Did I do something wrong?

PS sorry for my very very bad English :cry:

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Re: lock to key

Post by GargoyleMT » 2007-01-08 18:40

TheShark wrote:Did I do something wrong?
We don't go through that source code to make sure it works. There's always a chance it's wrong. Before you decide that, check the code in the debugger and packet sniffer. If the output is the expected one, try writing your own implementation based on how it is done in one of the other example languages.