cannot open file 'stlportd_static.5.0.lib'

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cannot open file 'stlportd_static.5.0.lib'

Post by chicken » 2006-12-26 13:50

ive done the following things..

Im trying to compile DCPlusPlus-0.698-src,
& m using STLport-5.0.2 and WTL75_sf.

im using VISUAL VISUAL STUDIO 2005: v 8.0.....

however, while compiling it shows me TONS of warnings..

and at the end i get the ERROR --->

LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'stlportd_static.5.0.lib'

i guess ive done everything right...
plzzz help me out...

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Post by ullner » 2006-12-26 21:28

Reading the compile information maybe would've been wise. DC++ 0.698 is supposed to be compiled with VS 7 (2003). DC++ 0.699 with VS 8 (2005). And the latter use the built in STLPort and not the custom, so you don't need to include that.