Looking for a Stealth Hub!

Which hub software is the best? Where can I find script XXX? Discuss it here...(no, this is not for advertising your hub...)

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Looking for a Stealth Hub!

Post by gambazoolu » 2006-12-11 16:43


I'm looking for a hub that if a non-registered user tries to connect to,
the hub will "play dead" and look broken, or better yet, appear as if

do you know anything like that?

Thank you!

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Post by GargoyleMT » 2006-12-11 19:02

This isn't feasible from a protocol point of view. It is possible to accomplish something similar - denying access to the hub's port except for the IPs (or IP ranges, if they're dynamic) that your users are on. A firewall should be able to accomplish that for you. You'll have to manually administer the lists, but it's the closest thing to what you're looking for.

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Post by gambazoolu » 2006-12-12 10:35

i can't use IP because it is not static and the range covers people i don't want knowing about the hub....
until i find a better solution, i use PtokaX and give a desription that may be thought of as bad address... to the untrained eye ;-)
it looks like this:
[17:34] *** Connecting to hub.cometo.org...
[17:34] *** Connected
[17:34] <PtokaX> Unable to connect! address may be incorrect.
[17:34] *** Connection closed
i wish i could at least change the <PtokaX> to something like <Failure>...