Same Dorm Different Default Gateway

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Same Dorm Different Default Gateway

Post by maximomax » 2006-05-26 23:13

Well i am still a beginner to hub stuffs... need some of ya'll advices. With everyday I am trying to get more and more people into the hub. The other day i realised that people from different default gateway weren't able to connect. The hub is not on the internet it's on LAN. The hub is hosted on an IP of on default gateway of and I have a user who wants to connect from a different default gateway of Is it possible?


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Post by Quattro » 2006-05-27 04:57

not through internal ip....
he should try to connect to your gateway instead of your own ip

that is if you have a port open in that gateway
if not you have a problem
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Post by PseudonympH » 2006-05-29 14:03

It's entirely possible the school is blocking incoming connections at each gateway. Usually, I only see them block connections originating outside the school; you might be unlucky. You should call the school's helpdesk and ask. If they're going to be edgy about DC hubs, say you're trying to set up a CounterStrike server instead.

Outside intentional blocking by the school, connections across subnets should work unless the network topology is really, really messed up.

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Post by Asc3nti0n » 2006-07-05 03:50

Just a little note about CS servers... Half Life 1 has a limitation on a LAN server connection only from the same XXX.YYY. subnets... ok, so there's an awful lot of LAN between XXX.YYY.0.0 to XXX.YYY.255.255 ..... but when your universisty has residences on AAA.BBB.76.0 thru AAA.BBB.83.249 AND on CCC.DDD.146.0 through CCC.DDD.149.249 ..... then CS1.6 users will only be able to connect to LAN games within AAA.BBB or within CCC.DDD. Being able to SEE the game server in the LAN servers listing is the same as before for war3, but at least you can connect to IP's with other games. CS:S doesn't have this limitation.

for Warcraft III users, you will only *see* a lan game from inside your local gateway.... so a local subnet of AAA.BBB.80.0 / you will see any games locally without aid from AAA.BBB.80.0 to 81.2555

If you're having problems, on a LAN network, seeing LAN games in a LAN server browser.... There is a prgram called "BattleLAN0.5" the developer has been lost to the 0 and 1 around the internet, it's a huge memory sieve, especially if two or three people run it with each others IP's listed. but it works....

.... i'm not explaining any more of it, i'm sure there's walkthroughs on the web....
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