StatBot 2.7.4 Released

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StatBot 2.7.4 Released

Post by Flow84 » 2005-12-02 21:32

Screenshots are now updated for current version


* Changed ZLine support so it has no longer the ugly *10 max thingy.
* Changed SQL templates files so they have lower letters for table names. This because some servers wanted it like this. (Thanks dyster)
* Changed where to look for the update file. Now uses
* Added Collect HubSettings. This only saves to MySQL and are updated direct when you update HubSettings. This makes it easier to know what hubs to show/hide on website. (You need to press Test button on Settings->Output/input before this works)
* Added %[sql] for logging MySQL errors. %[sql] will give you the sql string that we got error on. (Added by default)
* Added Check to see if files in 'HubSupport' folder realy are YnHub Language files. If NOT you get a message about that when choosing YnHub in HubSettings
* Fixed a bug in MySQL handling when SQL syntax included ' (Thanks dyster)
* Changed default chatstat template (Thanks Rabid)
* Added maximum allowed days for ChatStats. You can now set a Maximum of days that can pass before a user should be removed from ChatStats. (Days that has passed since last time *he typed in main. 0 days = no limit)
* Added a IP Allow list for the Web Admin Interface. (Empty list will allow all IP:s and having 82.182.* will allow all IP:s that begins with 82.182. For example
* Added Denied attempts are loged if you have Web Admin Interface enabled in Log page