Sortings and regotnizing and displaying

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Sortings and regotnizing and displaying

Post by Kandagon » 2004-11-16 02:32

i miss the Feature, to sort about Hubs...
if u have many users from different hubs wich share one file to see wich hub has the most and wich hub has the file not

i miss that DC regotnice in memory from wich hub a User was,
most the time i search for an User and dont know from wich hub he was....

i miss a list so i can view the dublicated files wich are not shared by me
so i can kick them, i search DC up and down but there is no list, about files wich are not in the shared list, because of dubble hashcode...

i need that to figure out if it is true, that the file is realy dublicated....
i dont want to share dublicated files, but if i dont know wich files dublicated i cant kick them from my disk