Connection timeout and refused for some, others get in fine?

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Connection timeout and refused for some, others get in fine?

Post by daigostud » 2004-10-31 12:27

I got a question regarding my recently created hub. It's been online 3 days now and so far I've peaked at 21 users. I'm using Direct Connect Hub v. 1 and haven't had any problems at all so far. Most people are able to log in just fine to the hub ( but then again others are emailing me saying that they're getting their connection refused and getting connection timeouts. I'm very adament about making sure that everyone is able to get into my hub, but with this problem it's making it hard to do that. What is causing this problem and why are some users able to log in just fine and others not? I have port 411 forwarded to my router and everything is set up just the way it should be. Is there anything I can do to fix this? Do you think this has anything to do with having 'wildcard' checked in my settings? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2004-10-31 14:08

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