Problem with geting the sharelists

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Problem with geting the sharelists

Post by BFGod » 2004-08-06 02:17

The dc is in our local network, so the average download speed should be 4-5MB/s
When i try to get somebody sharelist it start downloding it with speed orund 10-15KB/s then lower and lower and finally just freeze...

The HUB is on my computer
and it is PtokaX TestDrive 4.99
The client which i am useing is BCDC++ 0.403b
The client on the machine i am trying to get it's filelist is the same.
We both are active mode with static IPs, the same as IP as in the network

Searching IP and Searhcing Port and Port next to Active IP are blank...
Are they required?
Or if somebody have in mind what is the problem plss tell me...