more translation files for one language

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more translation files for one language

Post by Pasqualle » 2006-10-21 03:27

i started to write a strongdc request, to be able to use dc++ language files, and got the final conclusion that separation of language strings would be very useful for dc++ also..

what i mean? if we have files for example:

lang base file would contain basic stings, which were used by dc++ for years without any change (or if you are lazy to determine basic strings, you can select one dc++ version as base). these strings would be translated into many many languages. users would have the basic functionality always translated..

it would be useful also for mods based on dc++. with correct usage of language files, they can also offer basic translation without any work. and own strings could be in separated file, leaving less work for translators..

i would like to know what you (programmers and translators) think of this idea..

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Post by poy » 2006-10-21 08:50

so why wouldn't you give these users a link to the language file for DC++ 0.668, for example? this would be the base file you're thinking of... or maybe i don't understand everything here...

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Post by ivulfusbar » 2006-10-21 09:24

I don't see a reason to impliment it. A simple diff/merge will function faster
and not requier any code-extensions.
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Post by Pasqualle » 2006-10-21 18:34

ivulfusbar wrote:simple diff/merge
poy wrote:why wouldn't you give these users a link to the language file for DC++ 0.668
i checked the diff for strong language file with the dc language file, it does not seem as simple merge.. (it has new strings, some strings are changed, some missing) more diffs are needed to know which new dc++ changes must be included.

tanslation of new dc version, when translation for 0.688 exist:
the translator first needs to make a diff on the latest english file with 0.688. add these new english strings into his 0.688 translation and translate the new strings. seems as easy task, without complications..

i do not know, is there any problem when users use older translation file, till the last version is without translation? will be the missing strings displayed in the default design language?

now i think of, how would i make a translation for strong when i know the latest english for strong (a) , and have a 0.688 translation only for dc (b).
i may diff these two (a-b), add new english, remove unnecessary. but still not have the changed texts translated correctly (diff latest dc - latest strong, select only strings with different english texts, then translate according to strong)..

i can't write the process clearly, as i did not do any translation. but i think something should be improved to make it easier for translators.. i thought the work on less strings would make is easier..

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Post by Pothead » 2006-10-21 20:26

Seems like your request is more based along the lines of mainly using dc++'s one, and extra / different string in another file for a mod of dc++.
This should really be requested on Strong's forums.
I've already done this for my own mod, it uses the language packs from dc++, and i have my own strings in a separate language file. Makes it easier to update to later dc++ versions as well. :wink:

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Post by GargoyleMT » 2006-11-11 20:07

I change "old" strings in DC++ whenever it becomes clear that users are confused by them... I'd rather do a "Language file tutorial" where people are encouraged to use a free diff product like WinMerge to see the difference between the Example.xml in different DC++ versions and update their language file accordingly. It is hard work making a language file, but I don't think you can abstract any of that out safely.