Netlimiter problems [split]

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Post by yohu123 » 2006-07-10 13:21

Quattro wrote:porbably you're using the newest netlimiter...
that one is buggy as hell
crashed on me last week, switched back to 1.30 =)
ive noticed that too quattro. my system configuration earlier was as follows:

Windows XP Pro (without SP1 or SP2)
DC++ 0.691
Zonealarm Security Suite 6.5.722
Netlimiter 1.3

Everything was going fine until i had to reinstall windows. This time i decided to install the service packs as well. So the only thing that i have changed from the above configuration is Windows XP Pro SP2.
But now Netlimter 1.3 hangs a few seconds after it starts at startup. I have the same settings of Zonealarm that i had before(i had backed them up before reinstalling windows and restored them again). Since netlimiter now hangs in XP SP2, the system doesnt even shutdown without me manually 'End Now' netlimiter.

Thats why i was forced to install Netlimiter 2 Pro. This new version of netlimiter works fine with XP SP2 but DC++ goes crazy. At one moment, i have 'Connection Timedout' messages for all users im trying to download from and the next moment, they show up as if they r connecting. Eventually one download connection is established, but i get very very low speeds of less than 0.5KBps whereas i can get a max of 27KBps. If i uninstall netlimiter completely DC++ works just fine and i get maximum download speeds. So i know that my DC++ settings are correct.

So Quattro, can u plz help me to either prevent Netlimiter 1.3 from freezing at startup or to configure Netlimiter 2 Pro to work properly with DC++? Thanx.

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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2006-07-10 15:07

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