User Command Argument Addition: %[dialog:...]

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User Command Argument Addition: %[dialog:...]

Post by Corayzon » 2006-01-26 19:49

Hey guys,

Ive been thinking about this for quite some time and i actualy think this would be an awsome addition to dc++'s user commands support.

Here is the idea behind the addition:

With the %[line:...] argument, its a topmost model dialog and you cant copy information from the main chat or a pm while the dialog is shown.

What i want is a new dialog that is topmost but not shown as a model, so u can move it around and select and copy test from anywhere in dc while its being shown.

Something like this is what im thinking:

%[dialog:"SettingName"$SettingType$"Default Value"$$"SettingName"$Setting Type$"Default Value"]

* SettingName is the text of caption before the setting object
* SettingType can be: Textbox, OptionButton, CheckBox
* Default value is the value shown for the setting when the dialog is shown

Now each setting is split by $$ and the setting name and default value are in quotes "". The quotes enable you to place $ in the setting name or value.

And each setting should be added under the pervious one...

What do u guys think?!?

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Post by ShadowWarrior » 2006-09-13 17:29

I was going to req. for something as simple as adding to %[line:reason] ability to specify default value.... and I dug up this post... It's a good idea, I like it.