anti spam feature

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anti spam feature

Post by lordadmira » 2006-01-05 19:28

I think DC desperately needs an anti spam feature. The spamming is is up to a flood now. The hubs aren't doing anything about it. Here's how it would work. The spammer sends a PM. The PM window will have some command in there to mark that message as a spam message and to never display that message again, regardless of the user name. It could contain the entire message or just the url that was sent. The feature would disable if u urself type in that PM window so that other users could send u urls/messages for anti spam purposes.

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Re: anti spam feature

Post by Pothead » 2006-01-05 21:05

lordadmira wrote:The hubs aren't doing anything about it.
Type d2af in the hublist filter, and you'll get a list of hubs which run a script which bans the spammer, but doesn't ban normal users. :)

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Spam filter

Post by Bacchus » 2006-01-29 07:05


Spam filter is a great feature, as I agree the smapping in DC+ forums has intensified. The logical first step would however be an option to ignore a certain user. I mean, there is already a "favourite user" list so wny not a "banned user" list?