help with plugins

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help with plugins

Post by gifu » 2005-01-14 17:20

From log:

2005-01-15 00:22:10: dchpp: DCH++ v1.0-Release (Plugin API v1.0) starting from console
2005-01-15 00:22:10: OpCom: Failed to load settings, disabling plugin: Could not open file
2005-01-15 00:22:10: PluginManager: Failed to load plugin (Error 1)
2005-01-15 00:22:28: dchpp: DCH++ v1.0-Release (Plugin API v1.0) shut down

Could someone throw me with something I could try. The plugin is in the right place because it says a different kind of error message when I change the place from dchpp.xml. Also the OpCom-Example.xml is in the same place with the plugin.

Propably this is just some stupid mistake from me, but I'm blind to my own mistakes.


Thank you problem solved. I had the xml files in plugin directory when they were supposed to be one directory lower.
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Post by Gasman1015 » 2005-01-14 18:27

Put all the xml files in a the config folder.
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