A feature request/ A question

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A feature request/ A question

Post by rctempire » 2004-12-24 07:21

I was doing my usual dc surfing and i have two clients running DC++ and bcdc++ for my private hubs. Suddenly one hub asked me to remove all my .avis and rar them. No way am i raring 12Gb of avis just for one hub. Then it hit me, i went looking for a client which allows specific shares for specific hubs. Does anyone have a tool or coding which allows that yet or even a client as im desperate for this. If possible could a developer please try include it in the new dc++ as it would be amazing and lots of people would like that so you share different shares for each hub.Also does anyone already run this and have hacked say dc++ so they can do this please tell me please.



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Post by Gasman1015 » 2004-12-24 07:24

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