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Post by ravanelli » 2004-11-25 01:28

I use dc++ since more than 2 years
I have tried all the version as soon as they are stable
You make a very good job
But the best one was the 0.305
Never a single problem It is the faster and the best
But now some hubs (and I do not know really why) does not accept this version any more (too old they say)
I would like a patch to rename some old version with a superior number
Without changing any thing in it
I thing it is normal to have the freedom to use any old version
There is no problem for the hubs and for others users
Do you think that will be possible?
Sorry for my por english

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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2004-11-25 01:37

You have access to the source code. Make the relevant changes.

I think you will find though that client identification is not as trivial as merely checking the version number.

You might also want to press the ops for further information as to why your favoured version is not allowed. "Too old" is not always a valid argument.

In summary, I highly doubt that anyone will provide you with what you have asked for. It's up to you.
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Post by ravanelli » 2004-11-25 03:59

But it is a pity I am not able to change the source code
But there is a simple way
-why not to allow two (and not more than two) DC++ opened in the same time
In that way it is possible to go on and use the old version in hubs that alow it and to go in the ones who do not with a recent feature
I remember that opening more than one dc++ was allowed time ago
I have never really understand why this possibility do not exist any more
Have a good day

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Post by Xan1977 » 2004-11-25 04:48

-why not to allow two (and not more than two) DC++ opened in the same time
This will never get put in vanilla DC++. The max-hubs and slot-ratio police force would have a shit-fit, and I wouldn't blame them.

But, like the first idea, this is again about changing the source code and removing the single instance restricion of DC++. Or you could run a different, seperate install of DC++ by using Run As [another windows user] (under NT(?), 2000 or XP).

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Post by ravanelli » 2004-11-25 06:13

Thanks That was a good idea
First you run dc++0.305
Then without changing user you run dc++ 0667 but using "run as" (xp)
And the two dc++ runs perfectly together

Now I can use my old release with hubs that allow it and the new one in hubs that think the 0.305 is too old
Nobody lose anithing and it is justice
have a good day