minimum download speed

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minimum download speed

Post by Argonne » 2004-10-22 11:02

This feature would be especially important since DC++ does not support multiple download sources (which I think is OK).


Close connection if download speed less than x kb/s over say 15 or 30 minutes.

Basically there are users with absolutely pathetic upload speeds because they are using cable/satellite or (God forbid) 56 k modems. If you are downloading a 700 Mb file it could take days before you get anythinbg at 2 kb/s. Breaking such downlaods and removing them from the que would enable you to go for the people with 50-100 kb/s speeds - a BIG difference. The time average would give some leevay for temporary problems with the connection. This would be very easy to implement (I imagine) and could be implemented either as a check in the advanced settings (say less than 5kb/s over 30 min) or in the "downloads" thing within "Limits".

Please support this. I just swithched on the auto connect feature and now hve to prune away people with 270 bit/s uploads!!! The mandatory TTH makes the auto connect very powerful but this will always be a problem (ps. I have 10 Mbit - so I could of course go to a 10 Mbit hub but there are not many of those that specialize for sci-fi).
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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2004-10-22 17:12

This feature request has been made and discussed on numerous occasions. There are also some mods that implement this feature. Search is your friend.
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Post by Argonne » 2004-10-23 07:32

Well thank you for the answer. I would have searched but the hub was so slow (probably because sourceforge was swamped) that I did not even get the stickies/FAQ's on the top to download - however it might be good to have this in the base packege. Also some hubs do not welcome anything other than "plain vanilla" clients.
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a minor change

Post by m_farmen » 2004-10-29 10:43

what would made this feature even better was if it removed the slow user entierly from download queue as disconnecting the user just leaves the option for it too connect a little later and the wheel keeps turning... or some variations of this, as some fast users do on occation get very slow just to speed up again although most of that issue would be solved if you got a trigger by how fast it have been the last 30 minutes or so

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Already done!

Post by xhost+ » 2004-10-30 10:55

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Post by BSOD2600 » 2004-10-30 15:23

The FAQ of where to get clients now includes which has the minimum download speed hack.