Something's missing from the new transfer window

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Something's missing from the new transfer window

Post by WhiteDragon » 2004-03-31 03:20

i just noticed it now, but what happened to the part in the transfer window that shows the size of the file you're dling or uling??
it really helps to be able to see how big the file you're trying to get it without having to do math with the % and amout done bit, or searching through your queues window which could (well for me anyways) has a lot of files in it. so it's easy to lose a file name in there, even if it is sorted.

i don't know if it was taken out for a reason, but it was there for all the older versions i remember so why take it out now??

just asking for that little bit to be put back in please..

thanx and good work guys, appreciate it

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Post by Borlag » 2004-03-31 03:49

It's there, just that you're using old settings where there was 2 columns less in the window. To fix it simply click the transfer window once, then hit <ctlr>+<+> and they'll widen up again.
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Post by cyberal » 2004-03-31 04:03

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