SDCH v0.03 Public Beta Released....

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SDCH v0.03 Public Beta Released....

Post by HaArD » 2003-12-14 03:50

SDCH v0.03 Public Beta is now available at:;threadid=257



- Notes : This release was a complete rewrite
: Although you may not see too many changes on the surface (aside from the script editor), the core has been tuned and revamped quite a bit

- Redesigned : Interface and the core
-- Very shadowy look =)
-- Code is much cleaner, more stable, *generally* faster (sometimes I did go out of character and trade off for size, but only in places where speed isn't an issue at all),
better comments, and follows the standard coding conventions

- Redesigned : Script editor - the major changes are as follows :
-- NMDCH like editor (using a MDI form, each script gets it's own window, etc)
-- Property files (XML files) for scripts to include info such as the author, version, change log, website, etc (can add your own beyond the defaults)
-- Scripts which end in .vbs now override to VBScript, .js overrides to JScript, and .script uses the default setting
-- Script windows now have notepadish features (Find, Replace, GoTo, etc)

- Added : Admin / Status window
- Added : Threading priority (setting the hub's priority to realtime makes it faster, idle even slower)
- Added : Ability to have multiple redirect addresses (uses the first, then goes to the next, etc and goes back to the beginning; using the same address twice for weighting purposes works)
- Added : to the default registration servers
- Added : TempItems / PermItems to colIPBans (gets the ListItems object which contains the bans)
- Added : Min client version support for NDMC
- Added : the "Mute" property to the user class (if Mute is set to True, the user cannot chat in the main chat / private message)
- Added : Access to the objects App and Forms to scripts (if you don't know what these are ignore them =)
- Added : New property to frmHub - ServingDate (returns the date in the same format as the Now function it started/stopped serving)
- Added : Redirect option to redirect all users who are not ops if the hub is full
- Added : Support for DC++'s NoGetInfo/UserCommand protocol extension
- Added : Can set a minimum passive search request length
- Added : Password mode (all users must either supply the global password or must be registered to enter the hub)
- Added : Option to disconnect all clients without a tag
- Added : Extra fake tag checks
- Added : Optional fake share checks (untested)
- Added : Flood wall
- Added : Anti brute force password protocol
- Added : Max share
- Added : Chat only mode (users cannot search/connect to each other; only pms and main chat permitted)
- Changed : Can resize hub window
- Changed : Scripts no longer need to share the wskScript winsock collection; each script now has it's own wskScript collection
- Changed : Invisible status for registered users (and ops, etc) is back online
- Changed : When adding a temp ban, and the ip is already banned, the new ban time will be used
- Changed : Remove function for the colIPBans has an optional argument (basically which ban should it check it; both, temp, or perm)
- Changed : Optional predataarrival now has it's own function
- Changed : Now supports multiple kinds of tags (++, DCGUI, DC, oDC, SDC©, and QuickDC) rather than just DC++ (and can add custom ones)
- Changed : Implemented several bandwidth saving techniques (both upload and download)
- Fixed : Users no longer will recieve searches, main chat messages, etc until they login (send MyINFO)
- Fixed : A major security bug (details will not be forthcoming to anybody until 0.03 is a legacy version =p)
- Fixed : A bug where the OpList was sent twice when an operator logs in
- Fixed : A bug with QuickList
- Fixed : $Hello was sent with $LogedIn when it didn't need to be
- Fixed : $GetNetInfo is now only sent to NMDC clients (or clients trying to be like NMDC)
- Fixed : Min slot / Max hub / Hub-Slot ratio checks made via search requests and NetINFO are no longer checked if disabled
- Fixed : Listening ports, register addresses, etc could be changed during serving time
- Fixed : Did not determine afk status if user was an operator / vip
- Fixed : Dozens upon dozens of other small bugs