unknown address

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unknown address

Post by zippobt1217 » 2003-11-10 13:46

this is likely to sound like an extremely naive question, but i am not extremely computer-saavy. i was on a certain hub (the smashing pumpkins hub, address: tsphub.dyndns.org) this morning and downloading a few things. this afternoon, having not changed any settings or the address (i have it set to automatically log me on to that hub when i open dc++), i am getting an unknown address message. i have tried manually logging on to variations of the address, but can't connect. additionally, i am able to connect to other hubs through dc++. does this mean that the smashing pumpkins hub is off-line for some reason, or have i screwed something up? how can i tell? thanks for the help.

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Post by Snooze » 2003-11-10 14:07

If you can connect to other hubs using the same port its most likely that the hub is down ...
In most cases its just while the admin is doing some work on the server ...so check back with the hub from time to time :)

Good luck..