Monkey Clients

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Monkey Clients

Post by dhil » 2003-05-31 15:11

How can I keep out these Mldc cleints who share 11mb and make my server slow ?
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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2003-05-31 15:13

Have a look at the last item I stated in my response to your other thread here
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Post by Sunny » 2003-06-10 03:38

thanks for your reply .

We done the script now.

RJ ;)

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Post by RJ-P » 2003-06-10 05:25


here tooo?

i will kill ya if i see once again posting like me :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

b.t.w this ml donkey script is done and if anyone else need it then here is it:

Code: Select all

  If Left(sCurData, 12) = "$MyINFO $ALL" Then 

        ' Revoke Access for MLDC 
            If (instr(lcase(sCurData),"mldc")>0) or (instr(lcase(sCurData),"mldonkey")>0) Then 
                 curUser.PrivateMessage CStr(sBotName2),vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Sorry to inform you that we do not allow connections from ML Donkey Clients. You are being disconnected." & vbCrLf 
             End If 
  End If
hope this helps someone cozz it was very hard to find working one!

RJ ;)

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