LUA scripts for the PtokaX hubsoft

Which hub software is the best? Where can I find script XXX? Discuss it here...(no, this is not for advertising your hub...)

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LUA scripts for the PtokaX hubsoft

Post by DirtyFinger » 2003-01-04 10:18

The really great hubsoft is found here
It supports easily over 1000 users without slowing and has many functions built-in that are usually only found in scripts.

The scripting was very recently and so scripts are in development.
The script language is LUA :
DC related forums and tutorials can be found here , as well as scripts, of course.

Give it a try, especially you scripters out there.
I tried lua and it rocks.
Neomodus sucks.
The client is terrible.
The hub software is dreadful.
The only thing worse is the protocol.
And then they had to top it by choosing vbs for scripting.
I still marvel at the fact that sharing with Direct Connect turned out so good.

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LUA forum and PtokaX download page moved

Post by ptaczek » 2003-01-10 08:21

LUA scripts forum url:
PtokaX downloads url:

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Post by granen » 2003-01-26 21:25

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Post by Snooze » 2003-01-27 05:55

heheh, gotta love your signature DirtyFinger ;)

And your right about NM hub/client ! They jsut havnt been keeping up with the success of the DC network.

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Post by Paul_Don » 2003-01-29 13:41

That geeza jon hess is just doin exactly what id do, sit back and admire the very thing u started.