nmdc hub limitation...

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nmdc hub limitation...

Post by HardCopy » 2003-01-19 01:12

I got two questions...
1. anyone knows if there is a limit on the numbers of regged users the NMDC hub can hold??
On one of my systems it starts to loose reg accounts when I have 500+ accounts
2. I'm setting up one of my hubs up as a register only hub, and is wondering if some one got a VB script snippet to filter out users that don't have DC++ version 2.11 and up (with support for L:B: and O: tags)
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Post by CapnStem » 2003-01-21 09:56

1. Dont know the limit, but we are up 1143 reg'd users (and we will continue to add users). The lstops.config is around 44K. And the script that adds them and sets their password is still working cuz deletion of their registration is working too (we also have the ability to lookup passwords too - but Op passes are not shown).

2. Cant help ya with this question because we allow all DC clients to connect. Lamers get unreg'd.

Hope this helps.