Prevent leeching on LAN

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Prevent leeching on LAN

Post by snobee » 2006-03-24 16:49

Hi there,
I decided to setup a hub on my college Lan. There are not that many users, and the first immediate issue is there are even fewer users with reasonably large shares. Second, due to the high speed of the Lan, many users leech and often vanish until they want something else.
Having a minimum share, registering users, or warning users is not working that well. I really would like to force users to stay on the hub longer, thus creating more of a community for chatting, and effectively allowing them to share their own data more.

Are there any mods or hubs that have this built in? For example, the ability to connect the amount of time spent logged in on the hub, with the number of mega/gigabytes you can download. Or are there other suggestions to solving my situation?


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Post by PseudonympH » 2006-03-24 18:56

You cannot control download amounts from the hub. You can, depending on hub software, prevent them from initiating connections for a certain period of time after connecting. YnHub doesn't have any scripting support, so you won't be able to do anything on there. Otherwise, it's hubsoft-specific.

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Re: Prevent leeching on LAN

Post by GargoyleMT » 2006-03-26 16:57

snobee wrote:Or are there other suggestions to solving my situation?
Instead of "forcing" users to stay in your hub, why not find why they leave? Or try to make it in their best interest to come back?