Multiple People Hosting the Same HUB

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Multiple People Hosting the Same HUB

Post by maximomax » 2006-03-19 23:14

Hi, I am situated in a university dorm. All the rooms are already networked, in order to access the internet we are required to login otherwise we are just in the Dorm Network.

Just recently i started my hub within the Dorm Network, people sharing amongst each other. I am using Yn-Hub to host my hub and the Hub address is my IP address on the dorm network. My problem is, I can't be connected to the hub 24-7! Is there any way many people could be hosting the same HUB. So that when I disconnect someone else takes over? With that comes another problem, his IP would be different, so we wouldn't be able to inform about the changes...

I did hear about using DNS.. but the problem i am having with that is, that software requires me to run the internet in order for no-ip to get the information or ip address... is there anything which doesn't require the net and is free...

I am still new into hosting and hubs... so i need all the help i can get, thanx.


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Post by PseudonympH » 2006-03-20 15:33

No, it's not really possible. The project I'm working on aims to develop a decentralized hub, but it would still require the servers to stay up most of the time. Why can't you leave the hub running all the time? The best solution is probably to find someone who has a Linux server and have them run Verlihub or something.

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Post by BW~Merlin » 2006-03-23 03:19

We run a hub as uni, the best thing to do it by a pc that is just capable of running xp (we are running dc on a p3 650mhz, 128mb ram on a 4gh hdd), a cheap switch our router and then find a spare room or a room that someone doesn’t sleep in because they sleep else where and set it up in there. This is the setup we currently have and it works great, all you will need to be aware of is weather or not your switch will work on the network because before getting the switch I tried a hub and it wouldn’t work on the network.