StatBot 3.0.1 Released

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StatBot 3.0.1 Released

Post by Flow84 » 2005-12-22 18:41

* Fixed URL Decode function a bit for the Web Admin Interface. It now interprete + as space character. (Thanks dyster for reporting)
* Fixed a bug when pressing ChatStat button. (It didn't save current chatstat.) (Thanks dyster for reporting)
* Fixed a bug in YHub Support.
* Fixed a bug in Userlist handling that made StatBot crash (Thanks dyster for reporting)
* Fixed a Web Interface bug that made it impossible to change Thread Prio
* Fixed a bug in Hub Info handling that made StatBot hide messages that was not HubInfo Commands or responds.
* Fixed a big in ChatStat. If a user logged in to Hub with username "Hub" total chat logged would be *2
* Fixed a bug in ChatStat. If a user writed anything that was not in the pattern it would get into the ChatStats anyway. (Thanks dyster for reporting)
* Fixed a Buffer overrun bug in toString(double).
* Changed default Interval for HubInfo, UserList and ChatStat
* Changed Settings Layout. I have also added so you can have diffrent output for diffrent modules. you can for example have HTML output for Userlist but having MySQL output for Hub Info.
(Sadly you need to set your modules settings again)
* Changed so $BotInfo is collected on the same Interval as Hubinfo command is sent out, also sends $BotInfo on HubInfo button (If supported by hub)
* Changed so Timeban,peakonlineusers,onlineusers,alltimepeakonlineusers,permbans,maxsharelimit in HubInfo result is now 0 and not unknown as default.
* Changed so min/max share, memoryusage, peakmemoryusage and memoryavailable are now default 0 B and not 0
* Changed so Address is the address without port. (All hubs has now the same)
* Changed ChatStat output for PHP and ASP. It no longer writes Stats for a users that has the Value 0 and is not writing the Regular Expression for every user. If you want to know What it matched on, you have a entry called "Template" (It just took space on disc with nothing to win. In our test it is now 40%-50% smaller then before)(Thanks dyster)
* Changed so Help project is not compiled when it is not changed (This has only relevance for Developers)(Thanks CraKteR)
* Changed so "Show share as bytes" affects HubInfo module too.
* Changed so all hub types has same share layout. Not Bytes or B depending on hub type.
* Removed STLPort and WTL from Source. You can find it by look in Compile.txt (This has only relevance for Developers)
* Bypassed some DC++ bugs that made StatBot Crash
* Removed Static +Network Command
* Added so you can now Prune MySQL info older then <number> days. Enabling pruning and having it on 0 days will prune all info for that hub before adding new (Prune are disabled at default)
* Added Verlihub Support for HubInfo, you can use § # ! ? . as command prefix. StatBot uses <prefix>getconfig to collect info. (Thanks Badboy, Sonic & dyster)
It can currently get the following info: Country, Version, Name, description, Owner, Welcome message for guest, max users,min share,
max share, min slots, max slots, max hubs, Users online, Hub Share.
* Added Aquila Hub Support for HubInfo (StatBot uses !statbot) (Thanks Jove)
It can currently get the following info: Country, Version, Name, description, maxusers, max share, min share, min slots, max slots,
max hubs, number of regged users, users online, peak online users, all time peak online users, Hub share, cpu usage(last 60 seconds), hub uptime
* Added DDCH Hub Support for HubInfo (Hub needs same script SDCH has to have)
* Added Advanced Network command Module. Any changes in Settings will update the command live (You need to have HubInfo turned on for this to work. But you don't need to select any savings)
* Added You can now Enable/Disable Modules while having hubs open. It will use settings directly.