StatBot 2.6.6 Released

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StatBot 2.6.6 Released

Post by Flow84 » 2005-11-13 17:16

* Added MySQL support (mysql++ 2.0.6)
* Added a Test button for testing MySQL connection before you can use it.
(This will also create database and tables if they doesn't exist and you have permission)
* Added MySQL support to HubInfo, UserList and ChatStats
* Changed STLPort so it is now Compiled (was needed for mysql++)
* Changed so Web Admin Interface now is turned off by default.
* Updated Bzip. Security reasons. (Thanks Pothead)
* Updated Zlib. Security reasons. (Thanks Pothead)
* Added ZLine Support. both the $ZLine and the YnHub Specific $Z (This can save 50% of hub bandwith when supported by hub)
* Fixed UserList bug that made StatBot crash (Thanks Mantis for reporting it)
* Added so UserList and MySQL are showed in statusbar & Tooltip if they are turned on
* Added Loging for MySQL Errors that occours. (This is enabled by default)
* Fixed a PM bug that made the client crash sometime when updating PM Title
* Added option in Advanced Settings to have 2 diffrent ways of showing Share in every Output Module.
(Ex 435 TiB or 481586092965888 Bytes) This is good for comparing shares with each other
* Fixed 2 bugs in Web Admin Interface.
* Added option to show StatBot Version or not in Web Admin Interface.
* Added option to change Thread priority of Web Admin Interface (High as default)
* Fixed a "no symbol" bug from 2.2.2 version that made it impossible to get an exceptions.txt file when StatBot crashed.
* Added loging for Web Admin Interface (This is enabled by default)
* Fixed a bug in Web Admin Interface that made StatBot crash if there was no hub in Hub Settings
* Added option in Advanced Settings to Replace all old entries in MySQL with new. (This is for UserList and ChatStats)