IP ranges in yhub

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IP ranges in yhub

Post by picapica » 2004-12-17 20:23

This isnt directly DC++ related but close. And this forum is much about DC protocoll itself

I have small private hub (yhub 0.338[t1]) for friends/schoolmates running on my computer. Its only for registered users. I have used the "ip pattern" function in the accounts section like this 192.168.* , I understand this allows this user to enter the hub from IP:s beginning with 192.168.xxx.xxx.

But if I want another user to be able to enter from range - How to do it simple way? Do I have to enter it like this:


or is there more simple way?

Tried to enter one range this way... Didn't work. The range - doesn't fit in the box where you enter it

PS: I have many large ranges like this, so if I have to enter them this way
It takes lot of time.... And I want to allow EXACT ranges, so no compromises.

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Post by Guitarm » 2004-12-17 21:48

Yes, I moved this
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Post by ivulfusbar » 2004-12-18 02:18

Yhub does not support the use of adding ranges in the way you would want to. We are aware of this fact and the issue might get solved in later versions of YNHub. Right now it is not possible in YNHub either.

but-those-who-wait-will-see-ly'ers ;))
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Post by picapica » 2004-12-18 07:17

OK, thx for info.

Well then I must use larger range, like 82.128.* Its better than nothing, but that gives very large range...Hope to see a feature that allows to enter ranges in "" format. Sygate Firewall allows this kind of format and IMO its easy and straightforward to use. Anyway I can use the Firewall to do the blocking, just make rules for yhub to allow it to be contacted from those ranges only. That way the users outside the range doesnt even see that the hub is online.


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Post by GargoyleMT » 2004-12-19 15:05

picapica wrote:"" format.
CIDR notation is very nice as well - I know I use it more often.