Need Help with new Hub

Which hub software is the best? Where can I find script XXX? Discuss it here...(no, this is not for advertising your hub...)

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Dave B.
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Need Help with new Hub

Post by Dave B. » 2004-11-26 21:31


II've created a new hub with SDCH, and used my IP as the address, then when i try to connect (with DC++) i always get Connection Timeout :?

i've also tried this as my address:, and i still get the "Connection Timeout" message, what should i do??? and also, do i NEED any scripts? or are they just optional, because i know nothing about them.

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Post by PseudonympH » 2004-11-27 00:17

If it's running on your computer, you should connect to instead of the DNS address. If it's running on another computer on your internal network, connect to the 192.168.*.* address (or 10.*.*.* but it's much less likely that is being used).