Setting Up a Hub at my College

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Setting Up a Hub at my College

Post by Ogrodek » 2004-09-01 00:04

Hey, I know somebody who goes to a University where they have a hub which is accessible only to people who are on the University server. It works awesome for them because they get insane download speeds since they're only transferring files across the server instead of over the internet. I'm wondering how I would go about doing something like this at my own college.

I'm wondering if I would need another computer to serve as a dedicated server, or would it be possible to run it in the background of the one I have now.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Post by TheParanoidOne » 2004-09-01 00:24

Read the sticky thread at the top of the Hubs & scripts section.
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Post by lane » 2004-10-01 01:53

contact me through pm's I can help you I run a server on my campus its not hard if you have some time for boring explanations about networking :)