linux hubsoft alternatives

Which hub software is the best? Where can I find script XXX? Discuss it here...(no, this is not for advertising your hub...)

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Post by veix » 2004-07-21 01:27

I know that Open DC Hub is a best hub software for linux atm, but its development is slow. Also it uses PERL scripts(rare to find).
Anyone can recommend other hub software for Linux with nice script support ?

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Post by [NL]Pur » 2004-10-31 14:28

look at my signature, development is on his way, i hope to release a newer version soon.

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Post by yakko » 2004-10-31 14:32

hopefully DCH++ will be released soon. It's very good and has windows and linux versions.

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Post by T-Cube » 2004-10-31 15:58

at the moment, the best hub software for unix is VerliHub :wink:
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