Adding a new settings page

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Adding a new settings page

Post by andlommy » 2003-07-12 04:05

i've downloaded DC, compiled it (that was another story about how i did that), and now i want to add another page to the settings menu.
I've created the question is, what should i do to make this page appear on the settings menu as a separate tab.
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Post by sarf » 2003-07-12 07:22

First of all, add a pair of files like AdvancedPage.h and AdvancedPage.cpp (copy them) then replace the IDD_ADVANCEDPAGE with whatever your form is called, and change it to fit that form.

Add your NewPropertiesPage (or whatever) to PropertiesDlg.h (by increasing numPages) and then add it to PropertiesDlg.cpp (pages[x] = new NewPropertiesPage(s) et cetera).

Good luck!
For further reference, download the latest DC++k source code from my homepage and check out how I added DCPPkDetectorPage.h and other pages.

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