STLPort upgrade

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STLPort upgrade

Post by Pothead » 2006-08-16 05:28

DC++ currently uses STLPort 4.6.2, however there is a new full release version (5.0.2).

Winmerging standard STLPort with the DCplusplus one, shows the following changes to definitions.



The first 3 of which are now defined in config.h, meaning that they are not needed to be changed in the stlport files (i think, since when _STLP_NO_IOSTREAMS is defined in both, the compiler whines about duplicate definitions)

Now the next 3 aren't in that file (config.h), but DC++ also compiles fine with them not defined (on windows 2000 sp4, using Visual Studio 2003).

So for an upgrade of STLPort, should either
1) another DcplusplusStlport be provided, with the 3 relevant changes
2) them 3 other defines put in config.h
3) since it works without them defined, just change Compile.txt to say use the standard stlport 5.0.2 from the stlport website.

thanks. :)

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Post by Guitarm » 2006-09-04 13:56

I use the STLPort 5.0.2 here and it works fine. The only drawback seems to be that the exe, pdb and map files get bigger... :)
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Post by Big Muscle » 2006-09-04 14:41

I use 5.1 and I hate that I must compile it if I want to use node allocator :evil: