enabling encryption

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enabling encryption

Post by thelarry » 2006-06-17 00:48

So i am trying to build a client that forces encrypted transfer. I set up the two seperate clients (both being debugged by VS 2005) each with different certs. SslPrivateKeyFile is set to my.key, SslCertificateFile is set to my.cert, and SslTrustedCertificatesPath is set to ca.crt on both computers. Both computers have different my.crt and my.key files both signed with the CA.

I went into the code, and manually set secure value to true when openning a socket. I debugged it a bit, and at some point trying to do the handshake in function ySTL::auto_ptr<input_buffer>
DoProcessReply(SSL& ssl, mySTL::auto_ptr<input_buffer> buffered)
at the end ssl.GetError() is throwing "out of order" on the machine trying to be connected to. Any suggestions?