Debugging/testing DC++

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Debugging/testing DC++

Post by mrNem » 2004-11-30 01:24


after an hour I have a compiled and linked version of DC++ (thanks for the good doc!). But I have found no recommendation how to debug/test new features. Is it recommended to connect to a public hub with my own debug compiled DC++? Or do I have to set up my own hub for this purpose? What version will the client be seen as in the bug? As an ordinary client or as a "special" compiled version?

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Post by Naga » 2004-11-30 07:11

Don't know about others but I try to do as much debugging as possible on a personal hub. That way I don't risk messing with any others if (and when) my client goes banana.
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Post by .Sulan. » 2004-11-30 08:23

If you are going to do tests and debug DC++ i recomend that you use latest CVS aswell, that way you wont have to debug fixed bugs ;-)