Working STLport-4.6.2 install configured for DC++

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Working STLport-4.6.2 install configured for DC++

Post by Track3R » 2004-06-08 19:47

the current CVS code now checks for 462 as the version number (as it should for it relies on one of the fixes made in 4.6.2 of the STLport release), but the STLport download on the site is currently 460. I made the appropriate changes to STLport that were made between STLport's site version and DC++'s version of 460. I applied those changes to the 462 version.

in addition to this, dc++ still wouldn't compile. Turns out (and i doulbe-checked this by re-downloading STLport) that they actually relased STLport 4.6.2 with the version number 461 in their _config.h! so we were checking for 462 and they actually had the wrong version number in thier release. i changed it to 462 in their file and now dc++ compiles with the latest CVS code. I still get 5 warnings in client and 2 warnings in dc++, but at least stlport works.

for all the developers (and assuming this works for them too...) I have a zip of STLport-4.6.2 working here

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Post by ivulfusbar » 2004-06-09 11:27

We love those who helps themself and then actualy makes a small effort to help others. ;))
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Post by GargoyleMT » 2004-06-09 14:02

I've had a working STLPort 4.6.2 (created in an identical fashion to yours) on my page for a while: ... -4.6.2.rar

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Post by shufty » 2004-06-30 02:59

I did wonder about that; I think I just changed the version it looked for the in stdinc/stdafx files. What a noobish hack lol