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Contest Suggestions

Post by Gratch06 » 2003-12-12 00:13

A group of 4 of us here at the university were looking at getting involved in the Windows ChallengE competion (url here)

We've come up with a number of ideas, but have ran into difficulties with hardware availability within budget, device availability, etc. One of our best ideas was a fingerprint scanner (along with a desktop component) that could be used for law enforcement to scan in the field. Unfortunately, we soon found out that few (read: none we could find) PDA's have USB support, and we weren't ready to write a large number of device drivers to do a PDA --> sleeve with PCMCIA card support --> USB card --> USB fingerprint scanner. One, sure. All, no.

Anyway, we're brainstorming a number of ideas, and there are two critiques we have to deal with. One is that we must make something based on the Windows CE OS. The second is that it must be safety oriented.

We'd like an idea that's innovative, and don't mind doing a good bit of work to get a good project together. We're currently fishing around a good bit for ideas that would be feasible, so I figured I'd post here and see if anyone had any off the wall ideas.

FYI...the group is composed of two COEN majors, and two CS majors. 3 juniors and 1 sophomore, if that helps with any thoughts.

Thanks for any suggestions.