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Post by Xan1977 » 2003-07-15 01:22

I have a couple jobs. One of them is at a computer help desk at a University. I help undergraduates connect to the school's LAN. Very frequently, when i have to go fix a connection problem, I find that the students PC is just clogged with Spyware. Running AdAware a few times usually fixes this.

Then at my other job at UPS I talked to a co-employee who asked me about Kazaa. I confirmed his suspisions about kazaa's spyware riddled software. I tried to point him to cnet.com's articles about how to remove the 3rd party BDE bandwith/HDD stealing software. But it was to no avail. I think he just zoned out.

I sound like a broken record. "Run AdAware" "Run AdAware", bleh.

Do users need to buy (hehe) antivirus software and anti-spyware/adware these days?

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Post by sarf » 2003-07-15 04:42

Most probably, they do.

And it better be packaged in a really attractive box, as well. :)

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Post by mixdj » 2003-08-19 13:37

i don't understand the ppl that don't use that stuff .security is important

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Post by HaArD » 2003-08-19 14:06

A neighbour of mine was having problems with a PC she bought 2 months ago...
"It's really slow"
"sometimes the internet won't work"
"I can't access my online banking anymore"

I ran SpyBot on it and found over 300 hits...cleaned it out and her machine is fine now.

People are suckers for pop-ups, I tried to explain what she was doing that caused the problem but she just went glass-eyed.... like most of the masses she doesn't know any better and doesn't want to.....


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Post by Lightning Man » 2003-08-19 14:24

I tried to get my son to get off of his favorite programs (all riddled with spyware) but he wouldn't. Why? 'Cause his cousin told him my alternatives suck.

So he has a computer that doesn't work. But his programs don't suck. :D