system tray+list

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system tray+list

Post by hootnan » 2004-04-13 05:18

how about being able to minimize it to teh system tray

and make a list download while other files are also

kthx :)

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Post by Naga » 2004-04-13 05:40

Minimise to system tray is in the options...

The other question I didn't qute understand could you clarify? (or was it about storing a log of downloaded files? if so check the settings again - it's in there)
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Post by GargoyleMT » 2004-04-13 19:46

Specifically, minimize to tray is in Settings > Appearance

Being able to download someone's list while also downloading a file from them in the request tracker too:

[ 704182 ] Get filelist during download

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Post by hootnan » 2004-04-13 20:33


cheers fellas

sorry i shoulda looked harder :x