Per-Hub Sharing

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Per-Hub Sharing

Post by dadada » 2004-04-02 16:03

A friend asked me about this feature and I was surprised that it was not included:

Allow different Hubs to see different Shared directories.

For instance, if I wanted to allow HUB-A access to a certain directory but ensure that HUB-B didn't see it, then I could specify which directories are seen by HUB-A and HUB-B independently of eachother.

I believe that such a future would be very useful. Those who are afraid of logging on to certain hubs because they're unsure of security could 'test the waters' with this feature and only share things that they feel comfortable sharing (though they'd obviously still need to hit the minimum share amount set by many servers).

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Post by Todi » 2004-04-02 16:13

It's not included because it is very difficult to do, almost impossible with the current protocol. There are several other threads about it, search.

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Post by cyberal » 2004-04-03 05:20

all I can say is:

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