Bitrate For Audio File Searches

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Bitrate For Audio File Searches

Post by Insolent » 2004-04-02 08:43

I'd love to see an extra column added to audio searches that displays the bitrate of the file. Nothing irritates me more than downloading a 128kbps version of a song I'm after (I'm a 192 fanboy :D). Any chance of this im future version of DC++?

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Post by IntraDream » 2004-04-02 10:38

i think hashing has helped move dc++ to support in the future varius meta data especially the invention of xml filelist. I think the biggest problem will be the bitching.. lol.. if you dont want to wait for hashing then you will also not be happy with the load time beetween 10000 mp3 files with header check vs without.


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Post by GargoyleMT » 2004-04-02 22:49

Tim has good points.

This has been requested before, and returning bitrates with search results easily isn't possible with the current protocol. There are a number of ugly ways you could do it, but this feature will probably be addressed in ADC, or whatever the next protocol happens to be...

(There's a bit of past discussion on this if you look, my post isn't much more than a summary.)