the greatest feature ever... OFFLINE STUFF LISTS

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the greatest feature ever... OFFLINE STUFF LISTS

Post by joazito » 2003-01-06 08:16

OK OK OK This would be a *GREAT* feature!!! Just listen:

Every user would be intitled to a "requests list" and "offline stuff list". These would be searchable and downloadable in the same way as the existing user file list, albeit independently.

I mean... Wouldn't it be great? What I have shared online is but a fraction of my total stuff, as happens with everyone. These would lead to these advantages:

- That near-impossible stuff to find would finally be obtainable;
- If I wanted to get a slot from someone very badly, I could check his request list for something I might have;

I mean... it would be AWESOME! Ahh too bad it probably will never be implemented...

I'm gonna talk to my hub owner... Maybe a script for this could be created... This would have the advantage of "automatic request matching" - whenever my requests could be found in someone's list, it would let me know.

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Post by Iceman[grrrr] » 2003-01-06 08:37

It could be hard to normalize... it can't be a list like the shared list because the files aren't analsed to check filesize... Thus it can't be searched...

It could only be a file somewhere on disk which the client uploads whenever there is a request for it.

Meanwhile you can always ask the person's lists... most people have an offline list and some have a request list too.
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Post by COLYPTiC » 2003-01-28 02:23

As for having an offline list of what you have you can like IceMan said create a list and share it OR you could do what I do and create a small txt file and change the txt to avi or mpg so it shows up when searching for movies, and put 'ON CD' or 'OFFLINE' tag next to it. I don't see many people doing it this way on DC, wish I did.

Some people would think doing it like this would suffer with alot of requests but, I share about 2000 files online and offline and sit in 3 hubs with 2000-2500 users typically and I might see an offline request every three days or so, so it's not bad at all. It's a very good way to let people know you have some rare stuff that you don't have HDD space to share.

The same could be done for requests and people would find it in search, then again, if they had the file already why would they search for it, hehe.

I've seen hubs with +requests triggers that works very well, but with a larger hub it might just be too much. It's very easy for any OP to add into there scripts.

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Post by mai9 » 2003-05-02 20:17

Hei, I had this idea too!!!

And I solved the problem 8)

I created a program called ReplicaTree that recreates a folder structure (including files if desired) to another folder (all files are zero bytes). When replicating drives you have the option of putting all replicates in a folder with the label.

I share a folder called "Burned (PM if you want something)" with those dummy files, and people request from there.

I recieve pms like "can you plug cd number 34?" I put it on the tray and share it. It's that simple :D

It doesn't have a webpage right now, so if anyone wants a copy, send me a pm with your email.