Changing the order of functions

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Changing the order of functions

Post by robdon » 2003-11-12 20:29


Its there any chance you swap the order that 2 functions run in.

I have alot of my share on network drives, and I share over 5000 mp3s, so when I start DC++, it takes about 60 seconds to 'load' the details.

Because my ISP throttles all ports execpt port 80, I direct DC++ to use port 80. I also use port 80 in other sharing programs.

If I forget to shutdown the other sharing prog before I start DC++ I get a messages saying Port 80 is busy, please close the app, and restart DC++.

This message comes AFTER the loading of the file details that takes 60 seconds or so...

so its a bit anouying that I have to wait, before I'm told to restart.

Any chance you could change it so that it checks the port first?


Rob D.