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/favorite command

Post by tdowning » 2003-01-27 18:42

this would be really cool, and shouldn't be hard to impliment. type /favorite in a Private chat and add a user to favorite users, in main chat to add hub to favorite hubs

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Post by LinkSync » 2003-01-28 17:56

the favorite user part is done with a right click on their nic in the user list so no problem.
and i have no idea what a favorite user means as it dont show me a buddy list or anything to modify there standing with me...
the favorite hub idea sounds good tho!
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Post by Snooze » 2003-01-28 18:08

Would be kewl if when a user uses a username and password to login to a hub,that hub is auto added to the fav hubs incl. username and password.