Keeping search words in search textfield

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Keeping search words in search textfield

Post by kvaks » 2003-07-15 19:12

DC++ used to have this behavour, but it seems to have changed in recent versions. I suggest this is changed back.

What I'm talking about is that after typing your search words and pressing enter, the textfield is emptied, and to bring the search words back, you will need to use the arrow keys or the mouse.
The old behavour was to keep the search words in the textfield, though _selected_ so that new input would erase it.

Advantages of old behavour:
You could check for typos after pressing enter (if suspecting such).
Easier to modify search words (no need to bring back the text).
Easier to repeat search (perhaps after joining another hub, changing a setting, or simply just waiting a few minutes).

Advantages of new behavour:

I know this would seem a small unimportant detail, but UI details are very important IMO, especially with software in frequent and heavy use.

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Re: Keeping search words in search textfield

Post by Wisp » 2003-07-15 19:27

i appears that it's fixed in the latest version

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Post by sarf » 2003-07-16 05:57

Also, the old behaviour can be enabled by unchecking "Clear search box after each search" in Settings - Advanced.

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