More efficient search in DC++

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More efficient search in DC++

Post by Rodga » 2003-05-26 16:58

Would'nt it be better if we could mark for which file(s) we wanted to search for when we search for something in DC++? For example, when I search for <a film> I could choose wich file types search for (f. ex. Video and Compressed).

Would it be possible to integrate this in future releases?[/i]

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short answer: no. long answer: no.

Post by GargoyleMT » 2003-05-26 17:23

If you wanted to somehow select multiple categories, then you could not do that without some changes in protocol; current DC clients expect the search category to be 1 ... 8. There's no way to indicate that you'd like both videos and archives searched. If you did, you'd probably add more numbers (using the existing ones as a bit mask, perhaps). This would very likely break a number of clients, including (possibly) older versions of DC++.