Right click custom commands... with a sub menu?

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Right click custom commands... with a sub menu?

Post by iK » 2003-04-26 20:35

Lets get some sub menuing available in the right click menu custom commands option area, it'd be great for some of these hubs with over 50 (literally) commands. i just want to beable to create a submenu and put certain commands in there, and organise the list in that manner.

thanks for reading :/

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Post by Messias » 2003-04-28 11:52

I think that is not a bad idea ...

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Post by OLDoMiNiON » 2003-04-28 12:06

also, a $ip variable for OP's ;)

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Post by shufty » 2004-01-30 03:26

sorry to dredge up an old topic, but i feel it is better to post thsi in a corresponding topic:

Well, as there is, in the static usercommands in dc++ 0.300 and later, options for "separator, raw, chat, PM" why not add one for "sub-menu" and like the Chat one greys out the "To" box when selected, it should only leave "Hub/IP" and "name" open to edit................

I'll make a pic, hang on hehe
ImageNo,w at present, i don't know how the user commands in sub menus are handled, i'll have a look in a moment, but if each command was given a parent and child ID then it should be straight forward to code. I'd have a go myself but i'm working my ass off for a new PC :P

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Post by Twink » 2004-01-30 03:53

What's wrong with the way dc++ currently does sub menus?

just name them like OP\Silent Kick, and OP\Drop and you'll get a sub menu called OP with Silent Kick and Drop in it (examples obviously u can name them what you like)

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Post by shufty » 2004-01-30 04:57

lol, actually i just came back to delete this post. I thought i'd had it sused but...not. I hadnt thought about the parenthesis.

Been chattin with Todi about this, to the end of using it in $usercommands sent by the hub. I haven't tried this but i remember a mention towards problems with this system to that end. Just been informed aswell that the current cvs has the sub menu fixed. I'll go have a fiddle, but don't read too much into my noisy thoughts hehehe