Recherche de sous-titres/ Add Search for subtitles

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Recherche de sous-titres/ Add Search for subtitles

Post by Mitch13U » 2005-01-17 08:45

Hello anybody !!
Sorry, i don't speak very well english, i'm french :lol:
That's possible to add search for subtitles which have extensions .srt,.sub for the news versions DC++.
I'm very glad if you (develloppers) can realized that :D . thanks a lot !!
Bon si en français vous comprenez mieux j'aimerais donc si c'est posssible que dans les nouvelles versions de DC++, les devellopeurs puissent rajouter la recherche de sous-titres avec les extensions .srt, .sub. trés utiles pour les films étrangers. Je vous en remerçie et aimerais avoir votre opinion sur ce sujet.
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Post by GargoyleMT » 2005-01-17 12:24

Add .srt to your search terms instead. Adding a different extension (and type) to searches by DC++ isn't very effective - just search the archives for a couple posts on this subject. In short: everyone has to run that version of DC++ to know what a "Subtitle" search is.

Are there films that can be legally distributed, but have separate subtitle files? That's another big factor in whether or not it should be coded.