Small But useful Features

Archived discussion about features (predating the use of Bugzilla as a bug and feature tracker)

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Small But useful Features

Post by DeathStalker77 » 2004-09-25 17:09

Here are a couple of other small but very helpful features that fulDC++ currently implements that would gretly enhance (IMHO) DC++:

1) specifying the size and file types for mini-slots
2) showing the Average Per User Share for each hub

And here's something I just thought of -

How about a timer in each hub showing how long ago the last Search was triggered? (whether it was manually triggered or auto triggered). This would REALLY help cut down on the Search Spam! It needs to be in EACH hub because different hubs will experience different amounts of lag.


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Post by [NL]Pur » 2004-10-25 04:02

1 timer in 1 hub for all users?

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Post by GargoyleMT » 2004-10-25 10:50

[NL]Pur wrote:1 timer in 1 hub for all users?
He later put it in bugzilla: ... cgi?id=167

Basically a way to delay autosearches so that they don't cause search spam when manual searching.